Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

This lunch time talk will focus on training our participants how to memorize numbers effectively.

Who Is This Corporate Lunch Talk For?

  • This lunch time talk in Singapore is for corporate professionals
  • Corporate professional in various departments
  • Corporate professionals of all levels

What Will Be Discussed At This Corporate Lunchtime Talk?

Lunch Talk Title: How To Memorise Number Rapidly: Learn This Crucial Skill in Just 60 Minutes

 The world’s easiest memory technique to memorize numbers.

 How to memorize long strings of numbers.

 The essential guide to remembering dates

 Simple steps to memorize telephone numbers rapidly.

 Discover the secrets to memorize mathematical formulas easily.

 Question & Answers.

Where Is This Corporate Lunch Talk Conducted?

  • This lunchtime talk in conducted in house (client premises)
  • Our lunch talks can also be conducted at seminar rooms across Singapore

What Is The Maximum Number of Participants For This Corporate Lunch Time Talk?

  • Unlimited number of participants are able to attend the lunch talk

Would You Like More Information?

You may reach Pinnacle Minds at:

Tel: +65 6505 9556


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